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A camera is precious equipment which will give you good service for a long time, if you maintain it properly. Some basic guidelines are given and you are advised to follow them...

Cameras and lenses are extremely sensitive to moisture, dust and fungus in our atmosphere and it is very essential to maintain it properly...

Tripods are the best equipment available for a photographer to reduce or even completely eliminate camera shakes. There are many varieties available in market which may lead to confusion in buying the right one...

About Photography

Photograph helps the world to know about History. Due to scientific discoveries beginning from Greek and Roman culture, ancient drawings and pictures, and in the later period photography has developed. Hence we should know about its birth which in turn helps us to know many things...

Technical Tour

Cameras are now broadly classified into 2 categories

  • Film Camera or Single Lens Reflection Camera (SLR)
  • Digital Camera or Digital Single Lens Reflection Camera (DSLR)

Choosing the right lens is always essential before shooting any subject. There are lots of possibilities that the lens you are buying may not match with your camera...

Nature - A God's gift

Nature photographs are always been regarded as a challenging one, because a subject (any kind of natural one) would look like an ordinary picture, and the creativity and smartness of the photographer could transfer an ordinary picture to an extraordinary one. In order to produce such a quality photographs, the composition of the nature and the technical quality should be blended together in a right combination which is missing when we look into pictures from an ordinary point of view. Therefore, a nature camera enthusiast must carefully analyze all the basic qualities relevant of capturing a quality photograph. So the photographer should have a checklist to carefully evaluate their creation which in turn improves their future nature photographic activities.

The photographer should have an open mind to accept criticism from all ends which sometimes could be ruthless or else he might continue to remain at a stagnant level without much progression. He should capture lots of pictures, and then carefully examine every slide to eliminate the ones with poor result. For performing this activity he should have lot patience, capability to analyze and tendency to wait.

The areas to be careful in natural photograph is subject and format coverage, subject isolation and emphasis, right exposure, lighting, focus, camera angle. The most critical point in natural close-ups is extra attention should be paid to background or otherwise the outcome could be a poor picture.

The nature photographer should also process the proper basic equipments such as camera with perfect zoom, tripod, and cable release and sun shade. For close-ups, an electronic flash (preferably with two heads) and a macro lens or an extension bellows or short mount are essential, particularly when a bird or an animal are photographed.

Apart from the above expensive equipments, less expensive and ordinary equipments such as aluminum-foil, light reflector, cups, background cards, plastic sheets, colour papers, clay and plastic containers could make a huge difference and a value add to get good results.

When a plant (subject) is been captured as a photograph, it might get blend into the background. To avoid the subject from blending a background card or an aluminum-foil could be used. Even sometimes in these situations the shadow of our body could also be used. Further the distracting elements should be removed around the subject as those elements could grab the attention of viewers. If required, a clean up activity could also be performed up to some extend and should be careful enough not to change completely because the expected result is a nature photograph and for achieving a good result the surrounding should be natural.

To broaden the skills, a nature photographer should capture pictures such as birds, animals, insects and whatever the objects which is natural around him. He should never hesitate in seeking advice from eminent personalities in this field because their experience could be a huge input to capture great nature pictures. He should always look around him as a lot are available because nature is Godís gift.

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