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A camera is precious equipment which will give you good service for a long time, if you maintain it properly. Some basic guidelines are given and you are advised to follow them...

Cameras and lenses are extremely sensitive to moisture, dust and fungus in our atmosphere and it is very essential to maintain it properly...

Tripods are the best equipment available for a photographer to reduce or even completely eliminate camera shakes. There are many varieties available in market which may lead to confusion in buying the right one...

About Photography

Photograph helps the world to know about History. Due to scientific discoveries beginning from Greek and Roman culture, ancient drawings and pictures, and in the later period photography has developed. Hence we should know about its birth which in turn helps us to know many things...

Technical Tour

Cameras are now broadly classified into 2 categories

  • Film Camera or Single Lens Reflection Camera (SLR)
  • Digital Camera or Digital Single Lens Reflection Camera (DSLR)

Choosing the right lens is always essential before shooting any subject. There are lots of possibilities that the lens you are buying may not match with your camera...

Experts View

Photography is an art and shooting a picture is real pleasure. Most pictures are evaluated on three attributes:

  • Composition,
  • Technical Quality and
  • Interest

Of these, interest on a particular subject is most important. The photographer must find the subject interesting or otherwise another picture will capture his attention. A subject is interesting because it possesses certain photogenic qualities. These qualities can be easily identified and chances of producing excellent pictures are enhanced.


Simplicity is the most important basic quality that a successful picture must have and it can easily attract any viewer. The viewer should not easily shift his/her attention from the picture. So a photographer should carefully select the theme, order, placement and the relationship between all the elements a meaningful one. Simplicity also implies clarity as shapes and forms should be easily distinguished and not blend together.


A photo should be a self explanatory and a viewer should understand the subject details available in it just by viewing. Close-up details can be thrilling and long shot details could provide a strong message. A photographer can find interesting details everywhere and it is up to him to grab it. He has to be alert and train himself to identify it.

Contrast in Subjects:

Strong theme can be shown to viewers when a picture shot with the contrast in subjects because it makes an extremely forceful statement. This concept is easy to apply and can be achieved without much difficulty. Imagine the contrast combination of black and white, old and new, big and small and light and dark. It only needs planning, searching and meticulous execution and results could be awesome.

Contrast in Tone:

The contrast in tone is applicable to both colour and monochrome photography. Amazing photos could be shot by applying a variety in tone. Subjects with contrast in tone are more interesting than having a single-tone. A typical example is change in tone between the background and the subject would result in an excellent photo which could be delightful to view.


A texture could be a subject itself or it could be providing a base to another subject. Textures could send a strong message in both monochrome and colour photos and it still stays as a favorite among the photographers. Successful texture shots are a combination of excellent subject with appropriate lighting. If a texture is a simple one then a photographer should choose a different design which may result in good composition. Lighting plays an important role in textures photos as it can completely change the result.


A photographer can shoot interesting pictures with the help of regular, bold and from easily identifying shapes and forms. These shapes and forms are available in nature, or in objects which are artificially created by man or in a combination of both. Interesting ones are available in variety of sources in nature itself and shooting them in an appropriate combination is where the capability of a photographer lies.


An outline is easy to recognize and it should be properly defined. The success of any photograph is depending on subject and the subject should be properly defined within the outline. A photographer should be careful while choosing an outline.


A pattern is a key factor which can determine the success of a photograph. There are lots of possibilities where a pattern could be repeated in many pictures and a photographer should differentiate to avoid repetition. A space could be added between the subject and background or lighting could be increased on a subject or outline could be altered.


A photographer could alter the depth in the picture by adding the receding lines, dots and contrast colours. More lines or dots could add depth to the picture.


Motion pictures really exhibit the talent of a photographer. In general, motion means action and if a picture is shot when any action was performed it is delightful to view. Sports photographs are a typical example and the art of panning also comes here. A viewer could feel the speed of the moving car by keeping the sharpness in object (car) and blurring the background.


A spontaneous picture is a one that goes with nature and has a life for the subject being shot. When a photographer is shooting a picture, it should appear natural, not artificial and it should be identified by the viewers easily.


Shooting an unusual picture is a real challenge for any photographer because at one place it could be unusual and in other places it could be a usual one and any viewer would like to view unusual photographs.

The above are the most important point to be taken into consideration to shoot an excellent picture and any photographer should keep these points in mind. So the advice is, choose the subject meticulously, compose them properly, shoot them with passion and create your masterpiece.

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